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You know the ones we’re talking about:
those ‘what ifs’ you dared to dream when you first brought your standardbred home.

Maybe the journey hasn’t been easy since then.
Filled with challenges and setbacks.

Perhaps your life is just crazy busy and you find it hard to carve out horse time.
Or maybe you’ve found yourself holding back.
Overwhelmed by all the things you need to teach your horse.
Lacking confidence in your abilities as a rider.
Or worried about a particular behaviour of habit your standy has.

We won’t sugarcoat it:
And sometimes it feels like everyone else is succeeding and you're falling further behind.

Sitting on the sidelines trying to be happy for others can be deflating.
It can make you question yourself and whether you're ever going to 'get there'.

You probably thought you’d be further along with your standy than you actually are right now.

Perhaps you feel a pang of guilt that your horse isn’t reaching its full potential.

And it's certainly not because you haven't wanted to make it happen.

Since the beginning you’ve had genuine intentions to put the hard work in and build a strong connection with your horse.

But, try as you might, you’ve found it hard to shift out of dreaming and into doing.

Let us reassure you that:
Nothing. At. All.

You are struggling because:
you haven’t got the systems in place to set yourself up for success.
Trying to go from riding occasionally to every day is the horse equivalent of 'crash dieting'.

Sure, you might manage this for a week or two, but chances are you'll fall back into old habits unless you have a plan behind you.

Across the month of September 2020, standardbred riders from all around the world will come together in the online world to support, inspire and motivate each other to be the best horse people we can be.

After all...
But by having our own standardbred cheer squad, we're more likely to follow through and do the things we say we're going to do (kinda like making a commitment to a team you don't want to let down!)

The group will also be there to answer your questions, offer support and to pick you up on the tough days and remind you that "you've got this!"

Together we're going to move the needle just a small fraction towards our dreams every day, by making consistent, small actions which will add together to create a huge shift of progress across just 4 weeks.

So, what’s involved?
Why September?
Because this program is all about setting you up for success and creating good horsemanship habits you’re likely to be able to maintain (and not start and stop… and end up really disappointed).

Let’s be honest... it would be super hard to stay motivated to work horses in the freezing cold, sleet, rain and boggy ground.   We'd really be putting ourselves up against the odds to try and reignite a passion for riding in the thick of winter (likewise, the searing heat of the peak of summer is really tough to ride through, should you be reading this from somewhere in the world outside of Australia!)

A better tact is to use the coming weeks as a chance to focus on developing our knowledge as horse people, to start planning and getting ourselves into a really positive mindset where we're inspired to swing into action as soon as the good weather kicks in.

Across winter we’ll be producing lots of free and bonus content for those who enrol early in the 30 Days to Standardbred Success program (one of the reasons to make the commitment early – you’ll get access to things to work on BEFORE the program officially begins). 

This way, by the time September comes along you’ll be in a rhythm and used to doing small horsemanship activities regularly from home.  The beginning of the course will feel like a natural, easy shift up and gear and not a huge change to your routine.
What do you get?
None of the activities included in the 30 Days to Standardbred Success will force you into the saddle, nor make you block out huge, unrealistic chunks of time in your already busy life.

This program is designed to help you to grow your own natural sense of motivation and desire to be more consistent in your horse habits and ride more regularly.

30 Days to Standardbred Success sets out exercises which will take around 20 minutes to work through each day, from the comfort and convenience of your home.  The coachings will ask you to self-reflect, think about the future and make some plans.

As you’re introduced to new concepts, you’ll find yourself wanting to get out to the paddock and give them a try! 
YOU will be driving your experiences, with a bit of guidance and inspiration from other riders following similar journeys.

And this is the key, because....
It can’t be forced; it has to come from within.
In the wise (slightly adapted) words of the late Lao Tzu, "give someone a fish and they eat well for a day. Teach someone to fish and they eat well for the rest of their life."

We have taken this notion and created a program jam-packed with exercises and mentoring to help you to experience little achievements throughout the course, along with the exact step-by-step blueprint you can follow to continue the journey once the first 30 days draw to a close.
What does it cost?
The 30 Days to Standardbred Success program has been priced with affordability in mind.

When compared to private riding tuition, which is typically priced between $60-$80 for a 1 hour lesson, it’s easy to see the immense value in an intensive program which offers 30 daily coachings (yes, a whole training module every single day!) and unlimited access to go back through to re-read content as often as you like.

Some exercises are great to do periodically, as your retraining journey evolves.
You might be thinking this is a lot of money to spend on yourself...

And this is a common mindset mistake many riders make.

We spend money on our horses every single day - feeding them, getting health professionals to treat them, buying equipment, agistment/property maintenance... the list goes on and the bills roll in every. single. week. without fail. whether you ride or not.

Wouldn't you feel so much better about spending all this money if you were actually getting out there and enjoying your horse?

We pinch pennies over the things that really matter the most... developing our skills and knowledge as a horse people.

Once recognise that YOU are the most important person in your horse's life.
That YOU are the one guiding them.
And, as we've already said, only YOU can make your horse dreams happen...
....well.... thought of spending a little bit of money now, to avoid the risk of being stuck in a rut and continuing not to chase your dreams... seems so much more worthwhile, doesn't it?!
Enroling early is important
We want riders who are ready to transform their horsemanship journey to TAKE ACTION early.

Firstly, this will help shift your mindset.
There’s an awesome feeling when you throw some skin in the game, make the commitment and say “I’M ALL IN!”

You start to back yourself.
Believe that this time it really will be different.
Pump yourself up for this awesome experience, so you want and are ready to give it your all!

With plenty of bonus activities to try before September, it’s also important you leave yourself some time to work through the pre-program content.

The last thing we want is students all frazzled a few days before the program starts, still awaiting mail containing journals and activity cards and needing time to fill these out and digest a lot of key information before we dive in and get started!

Plus, if you don’t take action now you’re unlikely to ever take that leap of faith.
It's just human nature.

So often, we "I'll do it tomorrow" ourselves out of awesome experiences.

If you're not out there actively taking steps towards becoming the horse person you want to be,
it's time to ask yourself....
'Meet' some of the students already enrolled in the 30 Days to Standardbred program, ready to share their journey with you, support you on the tough days and show up each day to motivate, inspire and encourage you to make your standy dreams a reality.
We're in this together!

Kate & Banjo

“My standy boy is my best friend. He came from a rescue/rehab place local to me.

It was love at first sight, the day we met. Banjo was only green and his trainers were mildly concerned he might need more than my skill level could provide. They were right! But it was meant to be, I knew it from the moment he put his big head on my shoulder.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve had the odd trail ride, some hit and miss ground work sessions, and LOTS of morning coffees together.

Banjo is my heart horse, and if we never get beyond walking in hand or sharing a morning coffee, he will have more than earned his keep.

But he deserves more! And so do I.

My goal for us long term is to just look after each other. My ‘ideal’ riding goal for us is to settle into an easy, gentle trail riding routine.

I’m nervous, clumsy, uncoordinated and beyond excited. I’ve followed Raising the Standards since my boy first came home all those years ago and lacked the confidence to actually give it a crack.

Thanks for creating an inclusive platform and being so supportive. I'm very much looking forward to the program starting and excited to read others' stories!!

Helen & Billy

At almost the age of 50, after more than a 20 year break from riding, I came across Nic’s organisation and fell in love with a picture of a lovely black Standy called Billy.

Billy was living with me within a number of weeks. 5 years on, after some good times and not so good times, I have finally made the commitment to get us on track.

Billy has recently gone to have some further education undersaddle and he will return to me just in time for our 30 day program to begin.

I have started weekly lessons on a less green horse to increase my skills and confidence, and I am hopeful that the combination of all of this will set us in the right direction.

I aspire to be able to confidently ride at home and on the trail once or twice a week and maybe attend some groundwork clinics in the future, I particularly like the look of liberty. 

Karen & Star

I adopted my first Standardbred (unbroken) almost 8 years ago and struggled to find any assistance. Most advice was to sell him and ‘buy a push button horse’ as he would never be any good. How wrong they were. He was my heart horse and I sadly lost him last month.

I’ve done a number of the online Raising the Standards courses and found them to be the best by far as they help with some of the quirks that other people just don’t understand. The flexibility is fantastic – I have a very busy life and competing priorities so being able to do it in my own time works really well.

But the best part is the Standardbred Community – there is nothing quite like being able to share the little wins and having the support when things aren’t going to plan.

I’ve joined the 30 Days to Standardbred Success to help get me motivated to start my mare Star back under saddle and regain my mojo and confidence. My main goal is to build a good, solid partnership with her so we can enjoy riding together and attempt a 20km Endurance Ride when we are ready. One of the main deciders though for me to sign up - being able to be part of an amazing community and share our journeys together.