Raising the Standards


A step-by-step online course giving standardbred owners the confidence and know-how to guide their green horse through each stage of the retraining journey.

What is this course about?

THE RETRAINING THE STANDARDBRED: Track to Hack course is perfect for you if you can relate to any of the following:

  •  You’re new to standardbreds and excited to learn as much as you can to become the very best partner for your horse.
  •  Retraining your standardbred has become overwhelming, as the list of skills you need to teach your horse keeps growing (far bigger than what you imagined when you first got your horse!)
  •  You’re struggling to understand why your standardbred does strange things and how to work through challenges.
  •  You’ve lost confidence in your ability to retrain your standardbred, because the things you try don’t seem to be working and the riders in the standardbred tutorials make it look so darn easy!
  •  Nobody around you understands standardbreds & not much of the general horse training advice you’ve been given is helping.
  •  You can’t afford ongoing riding lesson costs.
  •  You’ve spent countless hours Googling, but the information you’ve found about standardbred retraining is quite random & you’re missing a whole view of everything you need to know all laid out in the one place, in a way that makes sense.

It’s important, as a standardbred owner, that you get the right help retraining your horse.

Standardbreds are unique and their history being bred and trained for harness racing can shape behaviours not displayed by any other breed of horse.

A ‘one-size-fits all horses’ approach to training can lead to confusion for your standardbred.

The problem is that harness racing habits are a bit like a security blanket: familiar and the horse’s default setting in times of confusion, anxiety or when put under pressure.

If you don’t have a clear retraining plan and an understanding of how your horse’s history can affect their behaviour, you may end up confusing your horse and so they revert back to familiar old habits, like pacing.

An example of this would be trying to teach your standardbred to canter, but your horse becomes flustered and starts pacing. Soon, the pacing can become a bigger problem than the canter!

A Standardbred-specific coach will set out the right exercises for your horse’s learning style, based on results from many, many hours of trial and error (which you get to avoid, by following their advice!)

Unfortunately, not everyone lives near a standardbred coach or expert.

And even if help is available, the cost of riding lessons can be too expensive for some riders to commit to on an ongoing schedule.

That’s where the Retraining a Standardbred: Track to Hack program steps in. It’s like having a standardbred expert in your pocket, there to help you through every step of the retraining journey!

Imagine how great it will feel to

  •  Know exactly what the next steps should look like in your standardbred retraining journey
  •  Create a strong connection with your standardbred, so you trust each other and can tackle new challenges together with confidence.
  • Avoid the frustration, stress and overwhelm of trying to figure out every little weird thing your standardbred does on your own; it’s reassuring to have the answers there ready for when you need them!
  • Have someone explain common ex-harness racehorse behaviours and how to correct the ones that you don’t want popping up in your workouts!
  • Follow a plan of the exact exercises you should be doing with your standardbred, to cut the confusion and maximise the valuable time you get to spend with your horse.

The Retraining the Standardbred: Track to Hack program has helped over 100 standardbred owners to work with their green horse since the program first rolled out in 2014.

Our students are regular, real-life standardbred owners who are all working at different stages in their retraining journeys and interested in a range of equestrian activities.

The feedback has been outstanding and we are so proud to see our students getting out there, following our teachings and bringing their standardbred dreams to life!

The Retraining the Standardbred: Track to Hack program provides a step-by-step overview of the key foundation skills every standardbred should be introduced to, to allow the horse to become a confident, responsive riding partner for any chosen discipline (from trail through to performance!)

The brilliant thing about this online standardbred retraining course, especially when compared to a book or DVD, is that new learning modules (including new photos and videos) are able to be added into the program at any time in the future.

When you enrol you’ll receive lifetime access to all course updates, at no extra cost!

Going it alone is really tough; it adds hours and hours of unnecessary trial, error, confusion and frustration into your standardbred retraining journey.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn from someone who has been through the process before you?

To take a shortcut on the path to standardbred success!

By learning from experienced standardbred people, you can avoid getting stuck in a rut and all of the exhaustion that comes from having to figure out every little skill & strange standardbred behaviour on your own.

How much does the Retraining the Standardbred: Track to Hack course cost?

Enrol in the Retraining the Standardbred: Track to Hack course for $197.

You will have unlimited access to work through this program in your own time.

There is no set expiry and you will be able to access the learning content on an ongoing basis.

Now, you might be thinking that this is a lot of money.

As horse owners ourselves, we totally get this.

But, we also understand that when a rider stalls their progress, gets stuck in a rut or loses confidence, the costs just to own a horse keep rolling in (even if you’re not getting out there, riding and enjoying yourself!)

This is known as the ‘false economy of horsemanship’ and we explain this concept in the video below.

If the enrolment fee is holding you back from getting started with this fantastic program, watch this clip:

What if I'm not 'tech savvy'?

Never fear; this standardbred retraining course has been designed to be user-friendly.
When you enrol you’ll create an account on our standardbred tutorial website.

Whenever you wish to access learning material, you simply enter your email and password to log in.

Content is organised into lectures, so you can work through modules one at a time and never lose your place, nor feel overwhelmed.

The course content lives in our student portal, for you to access any time in the future.

We’ve had riders ranging from juniors to people in their 70s successfully take our standardbred retraining programs. It’s all laid out in a very simple way.

If at any time you’re having any trouble you can reach out via email and our friendly, responsive team will be happy to help!

This course is designed to suit busy lifestyles.

We get it; life really is crazy busy!

And for some of us, we have to squeeze horse time into an already bursting schedule.

This is why we’ve set learning content out in a simple way, so you can pick up where you left off last time and go back over interesting lectures.

There’s no set schedule you need to stress about keeping up with. Make retraining your standardbred fit into your life!

Learn on the go!

You can log into our standardbred tutorial website on any device, which makes learning portable.

You’ll have the flexibility to watch a standardbred retraining video on your phone at the paddock and have a go straight away (it’s like having an instructor in your pocket!)

Or make use of that ‘boot up’ time lying in bed each morning by looking through standardbred training videos (coaching from the comfort of your pillow… ahh, not a bad way to learn!)


Simply send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!