Want to learn the 'what, why and how' of good groundwork training?

The Standardbred Groundwork Workshop will teach you key skills to help you to become more confident handling your horse and to know exactly what exercises you should be doing with your standardbred to create a happy, relaxed, respectful partnership.

The Standardbred Groundwork Workshop is prefect for you, if you can relate to any of the following...

  • Feeling disconnected from your standardbred and wishing you had a stronger bond with your horse
  • ​Being embarrassed to admit that you don’t know how to do groundwork
  • ​Not knowing what to do when your horse misbehaves or can't execute a skill
  • ​Wishing your horse was more responsive to your cues
  • Your horse's spooky and nervous behaviour makes groundwork stressful
  • ​​Not fully trusting your standardbred and worrying about getting hurt when you handle them
  • Feeling bored doing the same couple of groundwork exercises you know over and over again
  • Feeling frustrated that your standardbred cannot perform some riding skills, like canter
  • Wanting to improve your standardbred's skills under saddle, but not being a confident, strong or experienced rider (yet!)

The Standardbred Groundwork Workshop has been created to address common problems shared by many standardbred owners... you are not alone in your struggles!

The Standardbred Groundwork Workshop is organised into 4 weeks of structured learning.
Students gain access to a new module of learning each week, dripped out across an entire month.

This step-by-step structure is designed to reduce overwhelm.

It also allows you to work through the content at your own pace (pun intended)
and to know exactly what you learned last time and which topic to look at next.

When you sign up for the Standardbred Groundwork Workshop, you'll be given a voucher to
access the Online Standardbred Club for free for your first month
so you can join in on discussions about groundwork activities and concepts introduced in the Workshop.

You'll also unlock other member benefits, including:
  • Participation in educational workshops, trainings and challenges
    (including video tutorials, discussion threads & downloadable worksheets)
  • ​Exclusive content, such as guest expert interviews with leading equine professionals
  • 24/7 access to a global network of standardbred lovers,
    there to answer your questions, share stories, support you through retraining challenges & be your biggest cheer squad!
  • ​10%-off all standardbred clothing and giftware from our online store, jam-packed with goodies!
There is so much value jam-packed into a small $29 investment!

How much does the Standardbred Groundwork Workshop cost?

The Standardbred Groundwork Workshop is priced at just $29.
This includes 4 weeks of structured content (25 modules), across an entire month of learning.

You will also be given a voucher to access your first month in our Online Standardbred Club for free
(also valued at $29).

You will get instant access to a wealth of learning content and invited into our global learning community.

If you wish to leave the Club, simply cancel your membership before the due date of your next debit and no more will be charged.

What if I'm not 'tech savvy'?

The Standardbred Groundwork Workshop has been designed to be user-friendly.

When you enrol in the Standardbred Groundwork Workshop you'll create an account on our student portal.

Whenever you wish to access learning material, you simply enter your email and password to log in.

Content is organised into lectures, so you can work through modules one at a time and never lose your place, nor feel overwhelmed.

The Standardbred Groundwork Workshop content lives in our student portal, for you to access any time in the future (you'll have ongoing access).

The  Standardbred Groundwork Workshop is designed to suit busy lifestyles.

We get it; life really is crazy busy!

And for some of us, we have to squeeze horse time into an already bursting schedule.

 Standardbred Groundwork Workshop learning content is set out in a simple way
, so you can pick up where you left off last time and go back over interesting lectures.

There's no set schedule you need to stress about keeping up with; make the program fit into your life.

Learn on the go!

You can log into the  Standardbred Groundwork Workshop student website on any device, which makes learning portable.

You'll have the flexibility to watch a training video on your phone at the paddock and have a go straight away, or make use of that 'boot up' time lying in bed each morning reading through standardbred content!

Got Questions?

Simply send us an email
and we'll be happy to help!