Standardbred Journal Diary



Working with a green standardbred is such a special experience, filled with ‘little wins’, endless hours of dedication, steady training and moments you won’t ever want to forget.

Yet sometimes we can get so caught up in planning for the future, or focusing on the things we can’t do yet, that we gloss over all of the skills we’re learning along the way and just how much awesome progress we’ve made!

If you’d like a beautiful way to organise all your special moments, training notes, important dates, goals, riding plans and results/feedback from great days out, then our new Standardbred Journals would be perfect for you.

Each journal pack includes:

  • A quality large 4-ring colour printed binder
  • Your choice of 40 custom pages
  • 6 section dividers
  • A clip-in photo pocket which allows you to add 4 photos

Write your own unique standardbred story and treasure the special moments forever.

$49 + post.

A must-have for every standardbred lover and the perfect gift.

Simply place your order and we’ll be in touch via email, to show you all the page/colour options and to help you to build your unique journal!


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