FREE Standardbred Video Training

Welcome to our free standardbred video training page.

All of the videos you’ll see on this page were first published in our Standardbred Community Facebook group, which is completely free to join and a fantastic space for you to connect with likeminded standy owners from all around the world, receive some free ongoing coaching, ask questions and share your experiences.

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The Standardbred Survey many of the videos refer to can be accessed by clicking here.  We’d LOVE your feedback.

Winter Video Training – Week 1
The 3 ‘Zones’ of Horsemanship

& things to do at home to progress your standardbred journey even when you’re not riding.

Winter Video Training – Week 2
Celebrating the ‘Little Wins’

+ a practical activity to try at home!

Winter Video Training – Week 3
Rider Guilt


Bonus trainings:

Rider confidence and eliminating fear from your standardbred journey


Tips if your standardbred is strong, hot or pully on trail rides, or if your standardbred is tense riding with other horses…

Tips if your standardbred is spooky….
Nervous Standardbred Video Coaching