Raising the Standards

Raising the Standards

Supporting Standardbred Riders

Our online educational programs will give you the knowledge you need to feel less confused and more confident to retrain your standardbred.

About Standardbreds

Getting Started

Getting Started

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Key Retraining Topics

The Early Stages

The Early Stages

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Refining & Progressing

Levelling Up

Levelling Up

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How to Read a Standardbred’s Freeze Brand, Racing History and Bloodlines – for FREE!

Quirky Standardbred Behaviours: What’s Normal?!

3 Tips to Avoid Overwhelm in your Retraining Journey.

Break the Pace: How to Stop a Standardbred Pacing Under Saddle

5 Tips for Teaching a Standardbred to Canter

Connecting with your Standardbred: How to Build an Unbreakable Bond

Standardbred Strength and Conditioning Exercises to Accelerate your Progress

Why your Standardbred Can’t Bend Properly and How to Fix this Common Problem

Consistency is Key: How Just 10 Minutes a Day Can Create Standardbred Success

The Calm & Confident Standardbred Starter Guide

4 simple-but-powerful secrets for creating relaxation and good communication in your retraining journey.


Retraining your Standardbred

Clothing and

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Our Programs

Retraining the Standardbred: Track to Hack

A step-by-step complete course, with everything you need to know!

Online Standardbred Club

Monthly membership program – learn, share, celebrate!

Standardbred Groundwork Workshop

4 weeks of learning and exercises, for just $29!

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