Student Placement Opportunity at Raising the Standards.

Across the next few weeks, Raising the Standards will be shooting some educational videos and resources, to be published online to support our community of Standardbred enthusiasts.

We usually produce content by having Nic ride/coach a student, with her husband left in charge of shooting the footage.  This is something we’ve done over many years, featuring countless champs with stamps!
Before we set about filming this time, we wanted to mention that this what is happening behind the scenes at our retraining complex, in case this piques the interest of any of our followers.

We thought that some of our ‘herd’ members may be interested in participating in the filming of these resources.  This may appeal to:

* A Standy fan looking to gain some firsthand, intensive insight into how a professional sets about the process of refining retraining from track to hack (a rare ‘fence-sitter’ opportunity).

* A VCAL Equine Studies (or Media Studies) student needing to tick off work experience placement.
(Although we cannot provide full-time placement to the same level we have in previous years, we may be able to offer hours split across a period of time, which would contribute to the total required as part of the course outline.)

* A start-up photography or videography student/hobbyist looking to build a portfolio would also be welcomed and credited using the appropriate tags and links.

Any persons participating will buddy up one-on-one with Raising the Standards Founder Nic Tassone.  The environment is friendly and relaxed and Nic LOVES TO TALK, so there will be heaps of information thrown around in general conversation.

In terms of shooting the resources, Nic is literally looking for someone who can hold a camera, zoom, pan and keep a clear picture of what she is demonstrating.  Anyone who’s a stickler for the perfect selfie, will ace this – it’s not difficult and a bit of fun once you get a feel for it!

This is not a role we’re able to provide monetary remuneration for, as it’s something we’ve traditionally managed within our family –  involvement would be voluntary, or attributed to work experience.  HOWEVER, Nic is happy to lend her ear, answer questions and offer a front row seat to real-life ‘in the trenches’ Standy retraining (warts and all) . If the participant is a Standardbred enthusiast and lends us quite a portion of their time, scholarships into our signature courses, which are valued between $129-$159, may be offered as a thank you, or a complimentary riding lesson may be able to be arranged.  Media students should be aware that Nic holds a Bachelor of Media Studies and is happy to demonstrate the ins and outs of industry-standard equipment, software and walk-through the editing process.

Each shooting session should take around an hour or two.  We’re very flexible with times (around Nic organising a babysitter – we will need to plan sessions in advance), particularly during daylight savings.  Come for one session, come for several – it’s all very cruisy round ‘ere!

The Raising the Standards retraining complex is located 2km from the Hume Hwy, in Clonbinane, Victoria.  There is no local public transport, but easy highway driving.

Anyone interested in being involved can reach out to Nic at:
Send her an example of your prowess behind the lens and some info about why you’d like to be involved (aka tell her a bit about your four-hooved friend – any excuse to talk Standies!)

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