Re-Training Pack: Canter + Pace



Retraining the Standardbred to canter and correcting pacing are BIG topics when working with the retired harness racehorse.

These guides cover a range of methodologies utilised by the Raising the Standards trainers and coaches over the years, with great success.

These online resources contain written explanations and examples, video content and photographs (content is highly visual and presented in a ‘show and tell’ manner).

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The Raising the Standards Standardbred Retraining Resource Centre has 4 different online guide options, to support DIY Standardbred enthusiasts:


Single Guides –

Retraining the Canter Guide: $15
Retraining the Pacer Guide: $15


Bundle Deal –

Canter + Pacing Guides: $25


Complete Retraining (best value) –

Retraining the Standardbred Complete 5-Guide Series: $69

Features include –

* Discussions on a range of relevant topics, from groundwork through to ridden activities.
* Outlines of strategies for success, exercises, training tools and big issues, such as pacing and canter, broken down for detailed troubleshooting.
* Digital format makes information completely portable (accessible via laptop, tablet or mobile device).
* Written outlines are accompanied by 130 photos, 36 videos and 20 links to relevant professional health and training articles (content is highly visual and presented in a ‘show and tell’ manner).

All online guides can be purchased via our online store, via the convenience of PayPal or bank transfer (please allow up to 3 days for transfer payment to clear).  A password will then be emailed out, enabling access to content.  Please note that the password is sent out manually (there is no automated emailing set up at this time).  Nic will respond with the access codes within a 48 hour period, depending on her movements.  We appreciate your understanding regarding any short delays.

All information provided within these training guides is general in nature.  Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

For specific advice, you should always consult a qualified equine health or training professional to provide individual, one-on-one guidance. This website is not a substitute for independent professional advice and should not be treated as such.


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