Name: Buster

Racing name: Of Ten First

Date of birth: 10/10/11

Height: approx. 16hh

After a bit of a rough trot in his early days, Buster found his way into my family via the Echuca Horse Sales.

Buster at the sales.

Buster at the sales.

Upon arrival he was treated to a range of necessary health assessments, including a course of ulcer treatment, chiropractic review, acupuncture, massage and a steady transition from racing plates to natural barefoot trimming.   Six months on and beautiful Buster is feeling like a new man and ready to start his next exciting chapter!


Buster has enjoyed a range of groundwork activities in my care and is a keen, willing learner.   Living on a property that’s right under a flight path and located a few hundred metres from a bustling equestrian property – housing everything from polo games, rodeos, shows and more – Buster’s grown accustomed to the ‘yee hawws’ of the most rowdy a cowboy, roar of the crowd, bright lights, helicopters and a plethora of other strange sights and sounds that now merely buzz in the periphery without fuss.   A cool cucumber, Buster takes it all in stride and has blossomed into a confident, affable, sometimes cheeky character.


If you’re looking for cheap labour, look no further than Buster: it’s not beyond the call of duty to ask him to shuffle a rake around the paddocks, ‘help’ you to take your shoes off or even assist with untacking!   Buster just loves having a job to do and isn’t afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting in there, front and centre (even becoming slightly jealous of all his mates enjoy this riding business!)


Transitioning seamlessly from racehorse to farm hand, Buster has been exposed to loud tractors and machinery, children bouncing on trampolines, push bikes, pets, flapping washing and all the other wonderful things that come from being a present member of a family.


Buster has excelled under pressure and worked calmly over tarps, through cones and in general ‘handy mount’ settings on the ground. Buster has a history of being driven in harness (racing life) and has been worked on the ground in a riding saddle and related gear.   It’s never been my intention to ride Buster, rather focusing on the opportunity to shower a special horse in the attention and care he so deserves and then pass him on to someone who can offer him the most happy of endings – a secure forever home where he will be loved, educated and appreciated for many years to come.


Recently I attended a clinic with my Appaloosa so decided that if I could get Buster on the float, I would take him to stand in the yards all day and experience the clinic as a ‘fence sitter’.   A food bucket at the front of the tailgate was enough to convince him and off we went!
Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.42.03 PM
At first, Buster was a little unsettled in the yards.  This was understandable give that he was left on his own whilst his buddy and I rode in the indoor.  Buster had a front row seat to all the action and  it appeared he was more intrigued that he wasn’t allowed to be part of all the fun, than distressed!  Once other horses started to arrive (it was a staggered clinic) he started to socialise and relax into the setting.


I saddled Buster for some rather handsome photos and he didn’t even bat and eyelid!  He was so calm,  I was tempted to climb aboard!  He seemed to thrive in the bustling environment, giving me even more confidence in my thoughts that he will make someone a ripper performance horse one day!
As I loaded my mare up to take the pair home, Buster bowled past me to self-load on his side (I was not prepared for this and had to giggle at his eagerness as he shoved his way in).  It was a great ending to a superb first outing.
Buster is a handsome man. I feel his athletic physique lends itself to many possibilities and a potential career as a dressage/show horse.   His beautiful floating trot and rhythmic canter/gallop in the paddock support my thoughts on Buster’s bright future in the spotlight.

Being young and still unbroken to saddle, I’m seeking a competent, confident, patient horse person to continue to guide Buster’s journey.  This lovely green horse will not be suitable for novice riders.

Buster is available for re-homing for $800, with a contract stipulating that he is never to end up back at the sales.

Contact Toni for more information on:

Email: twiggynz@yahoo.com
Tel: 0415337232

Located Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Looking to re-home a Standy like Buster?  Click here for more info about listing your horse on the Raising the Standards website.
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