Raising the Standards is a ‘life after racing’ program, which offered comprehensive rehabilitation, re-training and outplacement of horses looking for a new life beyond the harness track between May 2009-early 2016.

With a strong following from a wonderful ‘herd’ of public program supporters, over a dozen valued corporate sponsors and ongoing mainstream media interest, Raising the Standards was long regarded as the largest and most successful in-house managed Standardbred outplacement program in Australia (and beyond).

In January 2016 Raising the Standards Founder Nicole Tassone announced a paradigm shift for the Raising the Standards program.   The cessation of racehorse outplacement has not meant the end of the Raising the Standards, but rather a renewed focus on education and Standardbred advocacy.

Over the years Raising the Standards has maintained a prominent position in the equine rehabilitation and re-training sectors and is widely considered as the ‘go to’ place for relevant, detailed information, designed to assist people interested in inviting a Standardbred into their family to safely approach the re-training journey from home.

The Raising the Standards program now offers the following services to Standardbred supporters –

* Standardbred Retraining Guides, which flow seamlessly through the various stages a Standardbred horse will go through during its retraining journey.

Features include –

* Discussions on a range of relevant topics, from groundwork through to ridden activities.
* Outlines of strategies for success, exercises, training tools and big issues, such as pacing and canter, broken down for detailed troubleshooting.
* Digital format makes information completely portable (accessible via laptop, tablet or mobile device).
* Written outlines are accompanied by 130 photos, 36 videos and 20 links to relevant professional health and training articles (content is highly visual and presented in a ‘show and tell’ manner).


* A dedicated Standardbred re-homing trader section, on the main landing page of our high-traffic, niche website.

* A Standardbred blog deigned to educate, inspire and disseminate information relevant to the Standardbred community.

* Riding lessons and clinic bookings with Raising the Standards Founder Nicole Tassone.

* An invitation to join in on the fun, laughs and learning that takes place via our active Facebook community.

* An affiliate program for fellow equestrian businesses who share our ethos.  Please contact us for more information.

*Trainer Nic is also available for further commentary on subjects relating to life after racing, animal welfare and equestrianism.  Please contact her for more information.