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Standardbred Re-Training Resource Centre

Standardbred Re-Training Resource Centre

Standardbred Retraining Guides –

5 guides, which flow seamlessly through the various stages a Standardbred horse will go through during its retraining journey.

Features include –

* Discussions on a range of relevant topics, from groundwork through to ridden activities.
* Outlines of strategies for success, exercises, training tools and big issues, such as pacing and canter, broken down for detailed troubleshooting.
* Digital format makes information completely portable (accessible via laptop, tablet or mobile device).
* Written outlines are accompanied by 130 photos, 36 videos and 20 links to relevant professional health and training articles (content is highly visual and presented in a ‘show and tell’ manner).

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Standardbred Blog

Standardbred Blog

A collection of articles discussing Standardbred rehabilitation and retraining, equine health and horsemanship.

Authored by Raising the Standards Founder Nicole Tassone, featuring guest commentaries from leading equestrian professionals.

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